AMISSA (A Multimodality Imaging System for Small Animal)


The small animal imaging facility consists in a PET/CT system IRIS from Inviscan.
The PET system has a Field Of View of 9.4 cm and an efficiency of 9%. The mean spatial resolution is 1.1mm. The CT field of View is 9cm and the minimum spatial resolution is around 70µm. The PET/CT is equipped of a gaseous anaesthesia unit (minerve). It Is possible to image mice, rats, non-human primates, …
It is possible to study the biodistribution of radiolabelled molecules, ex vivo, using our HIDEX SL 300 system. Still ex-vivo, we can acquire 2D images of tissue slices using our autoradiography system (Amersham).
The imaging facility is right next to the animal house.