Cyclotron for isotopes production and sample irradiation


This core facility is a cyclotron TR24 from ACSI. The proton energy range is 16 to 25 MeV and a 300µA maximum. It has two beam outputs that one is used for isotope production and one for proton irradiation.

We have the capability to produce 18-F (half-life 110 min), 64-Cu (half-life 12.7h) and 89-Zr (half-life 78.4 h). We have the authorization to deliver 64-Cu and 89-Zr to other facilities. We have 4 hot-cells equiped with synthesizers (2 mini-all-in-one, 1 all-in-one and 1 raytest). We also have two shielded fume hoods.

We have one proton beam lines that is mainly dedicated to biological sample irradiation (cells, plants and small animals). Here are the characteristics:

  1. Energy: from 24 MeV to few keV
  2. Beam Intensity: from 100 aA to 10 nA
  3. Homogeneous dose deposited (at +/- 2 % ) on a 24 mm diameter and a 6 mm path in water.
  4. Dose rate: from 0,01 Gray/minute to 100 Gray/s
  5. In vivo Irradiation using an confine system and gaseous anesthesia
  6. In vitro Irradiation of 12 to 96 wells plate.